Our Approach

The Board Group (TBG) builds sustainable value in companies by creating strong advisory boards that provide enhanced strategic and practical guidance. Clients are typically small- to mid-sized privately held companies planning for a liquidity event, preparing for a leadership transition, facing a crisis, or simply looking to maximize value.  Using a series of proprietary tools and processes, including the Sustainable Value Wheel, we optimize the advisory board's performance and creates alignment between all of the stakeholders.

We also help qualified top executives secure placement on select advisory boards. The Board Group draws on an extensive network of CEO's and other C-level executives who collectively have created and served on more than 150 advisory, fiduciary, and public boards.

Our Story

The Board Group was founded in 2000.  Based on the principles in the top selling book Game Changing Advisory Boards by William Hawfield and John Zaepfel, the company has utilized their expertise to deliver over $3 billion to owners who have sold.