Create your Personal Success Compass and your best life.


Success is a word that is central to our business and personal lives. We use it every day to measure our progress. We gather in business and professional groups to learn how to be more successful. We spend millions on the latest success books. We try really hard to be “a success” so our friends and family will respect us. What is this “success” that we want for ourselves and others? These cards will reveal your answer.

 For twenty years, Bill Hawfield has been helping business leaders and their families create Personal Success Compasses.  His work with Vistage International has introduced him to men and women worldwide. As he listened to their stories, he has heard success stories that cover broad areas using hundreds of different words and concepts. The words and plans are as different as their life stories, yet there are patterns that unite them. These patterns are captured in The CEO Success Deck.  

The CEO Success Deck

Building Your Compass

The Cards

The Success cards were distilled from over 20,000 words and concepts that business owners, leaders and a wide variety of people used in brainstorming sessions. In his work, Bill identified patterns in not only the way people identify success but the holistic view of a successful life. 


By identifying the types of words (Extrinsic versus Intrinsic) and the core motivation for success, Bill has been able to create a personal compass model that will let each person define their own success.    

Extrinsic vs Intrinsic   

Building a personal success compass helps people learn more about who they are and how they relate to the world. Intrinsic patterns are identified as "being" words and Extrinsic patterns as “doing” words. These relate mainly to the sources of energy that guide us and the types of actions we take. 

Most people have both Intrinsic and Extrinsic motivation. For example, CEOs and owners may want to have a “Successful Business” (Extrinsic). But the motivation for a Successful Business is to feel “Secure” (Intrinsic) or “Wealthy.” (Intrinsic). 

Success Compass Directions

Everyone has a core or home base that supports and guides them. We are drawn in many directions to fulfill our core concept. Ancient models used the compass to guide people to consider the Mind, Body, Spirit and Emotion aspects of their lives.  Native Americans used the 4 directions to help them understand themselves. As the cards are sorted, they being to fall into four directions, North, South, East, and West.  

The compass reflects the core approach to life that drives each definition of success.  Generally speaking, each direction has a distinct personality association that drives decisions and outcomes. 


North - thinking, planning, organized and focused 

East - Dreams, vision and spiritual connection 

South - relationships, emotional, people-centered 

West - grounded and present